Invisible Halo Hair Extensions

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Invisible Halo Hair Extensions gives you perfect hair in less than a minute! This temporary extension is the answer to all your hair problems as it slips on & off quickly! There are many options when it comes to extensions,  No more clips, glue, or damage to your hair!

We offer an affordable alternative while also making sure you get the quality extensions your hair deserves. Our invisible headband blends flawlessly right in with your own hair and looks and feels just like real hair! Unlike our competitors, our halo-shaped design is double drawn meaning it’s thick all the way down to the ends. We offer 30 different colors pre-styled straight or curly.

*These extensions are made from the best and highest quality of synthetic fibers to look and feel like real. However, since the extensions are pre-styled, it is not recommended to straighten the curly extensions.

The Invisible Halo'd Hair Extensions works great with thin or damaged hair because these extensions require no glue, clips, or tape!

With the popularity and demand of the Invisible Halo Hair Extensions, we are doing our best to keep all colors & styles in stock.  Purchase yours before we sell out!